Adopt a Pet

If you have landed on this page, it means you are looking at adding a new member to your family.

At Pet City, we take animal adoptions very seriously. For this reason we do not advertise our animals online. If you are interested to see what we have available, it is best to contact us directly.



We very, very rarely sell puppies at Pet City. This is because we are one of two PIAA accredited dog retailers in Queensland (see what this means here). For Pet City to sell puppies, our breeders are required to undergo a property inspection, health checks and more so we can be sure our puppies are from reputable breeders and are in tip-top shape. 

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Kittens & Cats

We often have kittens available for adoption. On occasion, we also receive Rescue Cats from local shelters. All our kittens will be microchipped, be up to date with their medications (flea, worming, vaccinations) and come with a Kitten Folder containing other goodies. Most of the kittens we sell are Ragdolls, however we do occasionally have Domestic Short/Long Hair cats too. We spend a lot of time caring and cuddling for our cats here at Pet City, so you can be sure they will make great family members.

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Small Pets

We often have small animals available for adoption, including Guinea Pigs, Mice and occasionally Rats! We source our small pets from only a handful of breeders so we have a history of their health and temperament. 

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We often have a large selection of both aviary and companion birds available for adoption. We quarantine all our new birds to ensure they are healthy before going up for adoption! Our expert Bird Department Team are on the ball with finding the perfect species to fit your family and lifestyle.

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The aquarium department is one of the largest in South-East Queensland. We offer everything from corals to goldfish, and will often go out of our ways to find a species or type of fish or coral that are hard to find. All our fish are sourced from quality suppliers whom quarantine their fish to ensure they are disease-free and healthy. 

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Reptiles & Critters

We sell a massive variety of cold-blooded species, including snakes, skinks, arachnids, leaf insects, cockroaches, hermit crabs and more! Please contact us if you wish to know what is available.

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Our Policy for Adoptions

Pet City have the right to refuse any persons of buying an animal if they do not pass the initial interview regarding your suitability to house and care for the animal. You cannot buy an animal if you are a minor. We will not allow any person to buy an animal as a gift; instead we recommend grabbing a gift card. 


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Jenco 20% Chick Starter Mash (non medicated) 20kg

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