Reptiles For Sale in QLD

Wondering where to buy a pet reptile in Brisbane? You've found the right place!

Cool-blooded animals make some of the coolest and most unique pets and we have a great selection of reptiles who could make a great addition to your family.

Types of Pet Reptiles For Sale

We have a variety of cold-blooded species, including different breeds of snakes, blue tongue skinks & bearded dragons for sale.

Here are just some of the cool critters we commonly have available in our Mount Gravatt store. All animals are available in store only. 

Pet Stimsons Python

Stimsons Python

Pet Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon

Mixed Caramel Python

Mixed Caramel Python

Pet Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon

Mixed Striped Python

Mixed Striped Python

Pet Albino Darwin Python

Albino Darwin Python

Marble Childrens Python

Marble Childrens Python

Pet Blue Tongue Skink

Blue Tongue Lizard

Melanistic Blue Tongue

Melanistic Blue Tongue

Pet Tree Frog

Perons Tree Frog

Black Headed Python

Black Headed Python

Pet Daintree Carpet Python

Daintree Carpet Python


Why You Should Purchase a Reptile at Pet City

Reptiles For Sale Near Me: Where To Find Us

We welcome all aspiring reptile owners to come have a browse of these mesmerising animals.

Find us at 224 Wishart Road, Wishart, QLD, 4122 with plenty of free on site parking.

Want to know what reptiles are currently available? Give our friendly team a call on 07 3349 2086 or send us a Facebook message.



How much does it cost to buy a reptile?

Our reptiles for sale start from around $xxx and prices can vary depending on the rarity of a particular species. If you are a new reptile owner, you will also need to purchase a suitable enclosure that gives room for your reptile to grow. Our reptile enclosures start from $XXX, though the enclosure you require will depend on your reptile species. Our reptile enclosures are on sale regularly - check out this month's specials to see what reptile bargains you can snap up.

What should I consider before purchasing a reptile?

Just like any pet, bringing a new reptile into your home is a big commitment & shouldn't be taken light-heartedly. Some of our most popular reptiles can live up to 20 years old. It's important to take some of the following points into consideration before taking a reptile home:

Do I need a reptile licence for my reptile?

In Queensland, owners are legally required to hold a licence for most reptiles and amphibians. You can find out more about how to apply for a native animal keeping licence here.

Can I buy reptiles online and have them shipped to me?

To ensure the safety of our animals, they are only allowed to be purchased in store.

What should I do if my reptile becomes sick or injured after purchase?

Reptiles can carry transmissable diseases. Some owners find their reptiles become ill after using a second hand enclosure that has not been properly cleaned since its previous occupant. For this reason, we strongly recommend a thorough enclosure clean or an entirely new enclosure before bringing a new reptile into the environment. 

All of our reptiles are vet-checked and require a clean bill of health before they are available for purchase. If your reptile does become unwell, we highly recommend a specialist vet like The Unusual Pet Vet.