Bristlenose Catfish

By: Pet City   On: 14 June 2018 

Quick Facts

Scientific name: Ancistrus Cirrhosus
Common name: Bristlenose Catfish
Region of Origin: South America, Amazon River
Average Life Span: 5+ years
Size: up to 15cm
Minimum tank size: 60 litres
pH: 6.8 – 7.8
Temperature: 24°C- 28°C
Care Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Temperament: Bristlenose Catfish are generally peaceful and mind their own business. Male Bristlenose can be combative with other males if there is limited space or caves.
Tank mates: Suitable to live with most kinds of fish, consideration should be taken into suitable water parameters of tank mates.
Special notes: While Bristlenose Catfish eat a wide variety of algae, it is highly recommended that their diet be supplemented with algae wafers. They will greatly benefit from driftwood in your aquarium snacking on the microflora and microfauna that grow on its surface.

Bristlenose catfish a fan favourite wherever you go despite having a face only a mother could love. Bristlenose catfish are a fantastic addition to any tropical fresh water community fish tank and they’re not only interesting, they also pull their weight! They are an interesting nocturnal fish and are usually brown, green or grey with white or yellow spots. There are even albino bristlenose catfish, which are quite rare for fish tanks.

Do Bristlenose Catfish Clean Aquariums?

Bristlenose catfish are great algae eaters and will graze along your aquarium and will naturally help keep algae levels to a minimum. They are a great addition to your tank, to help increase the time between cleans. Pet City recommends keeping your bristles well fed on algae wafers to ensure they’re getting plenty of food to continue to grow up healthy and strong.

What Size Do Bristlenose Catfish Grow To?

Bristlenose Catfish will grow from 7cm up to 15cm! The size a fish will grow to is largely dependent on the size of the tank and the amount of fish in your aquarium. Visit our marine section to find any extra equipment or food you might need. Bristlenose catfish are named after the large bushy bristles that grow on the faces of the male of the species.

Does Pet City Sell Bristlenose Catfish?

Drop in store and chat to our staff about these fishy felines and see if they’re a good fit for your fish tank. We may have Bristlenose Catfish available for sale in-store, however it's best to contact us before visiting our Mt Gravatt pet store to see if they are in-stock.



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