Reef Factory

Combining cutting-edge technology with sleek, forward-thinking design, Reef Factory offers the ultimate in smart aquariums. It’s time to show our aquatic pets the love and care they deserve. Keep them in optimal conditions by harnessing the power of the Smart Reef, which provides information and alerts on all environmental parameters, and allows for the remote management of conditions via one or more smart devices. Other products measure and maintain important variables, including the Reef Factory Thermo Control, Reef Factory pH Meter, Reef Factory Salinity Guardian, and the Reef Factory Dosing Pump.

Take aquarium management to new depths with Reef Factory!

Reef Factory Smart Aquarium Devices

Reef Factory’s Smart Reef offers the opportunity to create the ultimate underwater ecosystem, providing a detailed overview of your aquarium’s conditions. You’ll receive alerts on your smart device in the event of dangerous situations or changes in your aquarium’s parameters. Stabilise conditions from your smart device, anywhere, any time. 

The Smart Reef display panel includes data on water level, temperature, pH, salinity, and other important nutrient levels. With parameter tables and measurement history charts, you can observe changes over specific time periods, and make adjustments easily. Add notes to the Aquarium Management Calendar, and automate important tasks. With a Reef Factory smart aquarium, you’ll have everything you need to keep your fish afloat.

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