Founded by marine aquarium hobbyist, engineer and long time aquarium products manufacturer Jack Kent and his wife Kay, Continuum Aquatics, continues their quest for the most innovative, high quality aquarium products combined with excellence in customer service. Continuum Aquatics has developed a complete line of cutting edge chemical and nutritional supplements, vitamins and filtration media to maintain marine aquarium environments for the aquarium novice and for the most demanding hobbyist or public aquarium. Continuum products are thoroughly thought out, tediously tested, and made to the highest standards of quality.

Continuum Fraction

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Continuum Zoo Blast

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AquaBlade M Short

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Continuum Coral Exponential 250mL
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Continuum Coralline Purple CX 250mL
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Continuum Phyto Blast

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Continuum Power Cleanse HM 250ml
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Continuum Reconstitue RO 250g
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Continuum Redox Plus 250ml

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