Big Dog Pet Foods

Big Dog Pet Foods hit the Australian market over 20 years ago, enchanting pet owners with their range of naturally raw food for dogs and cats. Made from Australian human-grade meat (beef, lamb, kangaroo, salmon, chicken and crocodile), fruit, veggies, and superfoods, Big Dog offers the healthiest raw food diet for your furry friend. 

Big Dog raw food is pet food the way nature intended – no processing and no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or fillers. Sink your teeth into the Big Dog range at Pet City, from Big Dog rolls to Big Dog raw cat food (yes, Big Dog loves cats too!). 

Big Dog's Raw Food

When you swap to Big Dog raw dog (or cat) food, you'll notice better digestion (including the bonus of fewer poops and odours!), improved skin and a softer coat, better smelling breath, and generally, a much happier fur baby. 

The perfect combo of meat (including bones), fruit, veggies and other superfoods (wheatgrass, kelp and garlic) offer your furry friend the very best of all-natural, delicious and healthy raw pet food. The natural treats are perfect for training, and your precious pet will love the variety of flavours in the Big Dog food and Big Dog BARF roll range. 

Big Dog Probiotic 150g

REG $39.95

VIP $36.95