Feeling turtley enough for the turtle club? We almost always have Murray River Short Neck Turtles available for sale. You may also find Kreft River Turtles and Eastern Longneck Turtles from time to time as well! Please give us a call to see what we have available.



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About Turtles

Max Size (of above species): 25-30cm

Life Span: Over 25 years

Special Requirements: Heated water, basking spot and UV light

Click here to view the caresheet (PDF)


Additional Information:

Water needs to be changed weekly, 20% - 25% of the total tank volume is recommended. Turtles are easy to overfeed. Young turtles should have more protein than older animals as they are growing more, try to only feed small amounts every 2 days and provide them with live plants and live food. Hatchling turtles should be fed small amounts daily.  If you want to keep multiple turtles in the same tank you need to ensure that they are eating the same amount and that one is not larger than the other. If one turtle is larger it will often dominate the smaller turtle, even if you don’t observe this behaviour.