Snakes can make extremely rewarding pets for those interested in a scaly friend! Frequently available at Pet City are Blonde Spotted, High Contrast Childrens, Jaffa Stimsons, Windorah Stimsons and many more. To see what we have available at the moment please give our Reptile Team a call!



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About Snakes

Max Size (species dependant): 90 - 120cm 

Life Span: 20 - 35 years

To view the caresheet click here (PDF)


Additional Information:

All snakes bite. Do not buy a snake if you are not prepared to be bitten at least once. With proper handling and care you can greatly reduce the risk of being bitten by your snake.

Young snakes can be fed every 7 – 10 days whereas mature snakes can be fed every 2 - 4 weeks. Do not handle your snake within 2 to 3 days of it eating.  A new snake should not be handled until it has eaten at least three times consecutively in its new home: handling stresses the animal and it can become a problem feeder – putting extra pressure on the animal and its new owner. 

The Stimson's Python, Children's Python and Spotted Python are all relatively small species of snake and can comfortable live in a 3-4 ft enclosure as adults. A well set-up enclosure would include a hide at each end (one in the 'cool' end and one in the 'warm' end) with plenty of branches and vines to slither up and over. Snakes also require heating and are escape artists so a lock on the door of your enclosure is essential.