Educational tours

Pet City believes that School Tours are the best idea for kids to see a huge amount of unusual pets, such as marine creatures, bird eating spiders, snakes and macro bugs, just to name a few.


Schools and Universities

Teachers can make a time to call or visit Pet City and talk to Kim about what their lesson plans are focusing on and then Pet City can work in with the project under discussion.

Tours are conducted Mon to Fri and by appointment only and subject to a suitable arrangement. Contact Kim on 0414 342 087 for more information


Nursing Home and Disabled Group Tours

If you’re looking for a special outing for Nursing Home or Disabled Groups, Pet City has the answer. You can bring your clients to our store, they can walk around and see the great variety of animals, including marine aquariums and macro bugs.

We have spare chairs and wheel chair access around the store. There is no charge for this service. For more information contact Kim on 0414 342 087.