Don't you hate rushing to a store only to find they've just shut?  Or sitting out the front waiting for a store to open?
"All I want is a bag of dog food!" you say.....
Well, we heard you.  Introducing:

Launched September 4th
This new service will help take the stress from the daily hustle & bustle by providing you with a quick order and pick-up system!  
Early Bird opening from 8:00am till 9:00am
Monday to Friday (no browsing)

Evening Rush Hour 5:30pm till 6:30pm
Monday Tuesday Wednesday (no browsing)

Browsing available at normal times

Pet City Express opens its doors for you to visit us outside our normal hours to quickly grab-and-dash your pet supplies!  If you like, there is an easy Express SMS Service available, you can simply send us what you need 24/7, when you'll be in, Early Bird or Evening Rush and we will prepare your order for you.  * Please note orders are only taken for Express hours not for normal trading hours.

Lock in our new SMS number 04 888 24578 in your mobile.  

There will be a few exclusions including Livestock sales and browsing, this is available during normal trading hours.

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