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As an independant store we aren't restricted by predetermined product lines, meaning we are always receiving all sorts of exciting new pet products! With our strict standards too you know you are always receiving staff-tested (and approved) product before it hits the shelves. Take a look below to see what is new at Pet City.

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Dog Products

kong clicks dog toys


Kong Clicks

Treat Dispensing Toys

KONG CLICKS engages dogs with an innovative mentally stimulating treat dispensing puzzle. KONG Clicks has an adjustable treat dispenser that offers varying levels of difficulty that are sure to entice and occupy even the cleverest of dogs. Available in 3 shapes, each KONG CLICKS is designed for durability ensuring playtime is sure to last.

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kong jumbler shapes


Kong Jumbler Shapes

Engaging Interactive Toys

KONG Jumbler brings new adventures and added entertainment to the Jumbler family. A two-in-one ball toy for twice the interactive fun, the interior tennis ball and loud squeak entice play while the handles make pickup and shaking easy. Jumblers are ideal for games of fetch ensuring an exciting, active play session for you and your dog

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kong iconix


Kong Iconix

Durable Interactive Toy

KONG Iconix doubles the fun for dogs offering dual textures for a varied chewing experience. Its unique design boasts durable material for long-lasting fun and satisfying chew sessions. Iconix are sure to entertain with a lively squeaker to entice play.

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rogz beltz



Rogz Genuine Leather Apparel

Premium Collars and Leads

These genuine leather collars and leads are made from soft, flexible leather making them both comfortable and lightweight. The larger sizes offer double lining to improve longevity and strength, ensuring there is a size to fit every type of dog!

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iams dog food



Hill's Youthful Vitality

Premium Dry Food for Mature Pets

Similar to their Gold Care Range, new Youthful Vitality offers years of scientific research in a bag. This food has been proven to increase the energy levels and reduce signs of aging in both cats and dogs. 




Furry Friends dog toys




Furry Friends Toys

Adorable Plush Toys

Soft, safe and stylish, what's not to love about Furry Friends new plush dog toys. Choose from Bunny, Dino, Bat, Elephant, Pig or Dog!



Furry Friends dog toys



Kazoo Funky Cube Beds

Water Resistant Basket Beds

After a sturdy dog bed that looks the part? Kazoo's Funky Cube bed is water resistant, tear resistant and has a reversable (summer/winter) cushion!

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Cat Products

kong cat toy wood refillables



Kong Wooden Refillables

Wooden Catnip Refillable Toys

The new KONG Refillable catnip toy is made from hand-painted real wood and provides a unique alternative to plush toys. KONG Premium North American catnip entices cats to bat and roll while a special compartment can be opened and closed allowing fresh catnip to be added over and over!


kong cat toy chime


Kong Bat-A-Bout Chime

Wobbling Catnip Dispenser

KONG® Bat-A-Bout toys provide mental stimulation and fulfill cats’ instinctual desires to chase, hunt and capture. The KONG Bat-A-Bout Chime’s internal jingle is music to cats’ ears and primes curious kitties for an active play session. The unpredictable wobbling action invites hearty games of bat and swipe while the easy-to-refill KONG Premium North American Catnip belly-basin extends playtime.

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iams dog food



Hill's Youthful Vitality

Premium Dry Food for Mature Pets

Similar to their Gold Care Range, new Youthful Vitality offers years of scientific research in a bag. This food has been proven to increase the energy levels and reduce signs of aging in both cats and dogs. 




Royal Canin Breed Specific Wet Food



Breed Specific Wet Food

Tasty Pouches by Royal Canin

Moisture is very important for your cat's diet, so be sure to provide them with exactly what they need with these new pouches! Available in a variety of breeds.




ivory coat


Ivory Coat

Grain-free Cat Food

You're favourite grain-free food is now available in cat varieities! 

Using mutiple sources of protein from meat, this grain-free food is biologically accurate for your feline. With less filler and more meat your cat will thrive.

Two varieties to choose from for adults and one kitten ! Includes a fish-free variety for sensitive kitties.

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Small Animals

Pet Designs Hammocks



Fleece Rat Hammocks

Adorable Polkadot Beds

Keep your pocket pet cozy this winter with adorable new Pet Design's hammocks and beds!



rat hammocks


Cuddle Hammock

Your pocket pet will adore hanging around in this double-decker hammock! Lined with fleece for extra softness, it's perfect for warmth and easy to wash.

These hammocks are designed for durability, with double lined stitching and sturdy hanging brackets. 

Available in a variety of fun colours!


Corner Cubby


Corner Cubby

Watch your pet run in and out of this colourful corner-hide. Guinea pigs love to hang out behind the fleece curtains, watching the world go by between the cracks! Your small pet might even climb up and enjoy hanging out on top.

Available in a variety of fun colours!

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Bird Products

avi one bird toys


Avi One Bird Toys

Colourful Wood & Seagrass toys

A variety of toys is vital for your bird's enrichment! These colourful toys will add excitement and stimulation to your bird's enclosure.

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Jungle talk toys


Jungle Talk Bird Toys

Enriching toys

Liven up your bird's enclosure with some colourful toys! Some allow you to extend feeding times while other make noise! Come in-store and take a look.

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Are you looking for a certain product you would like Pet City to regularly stock or order in just for you? Contact us today via phone or email - we are always looking for leading brands to be a part of our awesome range!