Geckoes, Skinks and Dragons come in all shapes and sizes! At Pet City we sell a plethora of different species with different requirements. The Reptile Team love helping our customers find the right kind of lizard to suit your home and budget.

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About DragonsEastern Bearded Dragon

Species you can generally find at Pet City are Dwarf Bearded Dragon, Central Netted Dragon and Central Bearded Dragon

Max Size (species dependant): 25 - 50cm

Life Span: Up to 10 years

View the care sheet (PDF)


UV lighting and heating is necessary. A varied diet is required (fruit, vegetables and live prey) for both juveniles and adults. Juvenile dragons should be provided with vegetables and live food every day. Mature dragons, however, should be fed an 80% vegetarian diet with live food being offered once or twice a week and vegetables being given daily. Native to western Queensland and northern South Australia. Central Bearded Dragons can grow up to 50cm long, whilst Dwarf Bearded Dragons grow to only 35cm. Central Netted Dragons are the smallest at around 25cm long but also live the shortest lives – averaging between 4 – 6 years. Adult Central Netted Dragons and Dwarf Bearded Dragons can be housed in a 3 - 4ft enclosure whereas adult Central Bearded Dragons require at least a 4 ft enclosure. Central Bearded and Dwarf Bearded Dragons are solitary in the wild and it is recommended to keep one lizard per enclosure. Dragons can usually be sexed from around 7 months of age or 15cm in length.


About SkinksEastern Blue-Tongued Skink

Species you can find at Pet City are Eastern Blue-Tounged Skink and Pink-Tounged Skink, please call us for more information!

Max Size:  Up to 45cm

Life Span: 10 - 15 years

To view the caresheet on skinks click here (PDF)


They require heating and ultraviolet lighting.  A varied diet is recommended of vegetables and live food. Snails are definitely a favourite food of most skinks. Juveniles should be fed higher amounts of protein (live food) and as they slow their growth more fruits and vegetables should be offered.  Both species are native to the east coast of Australia, with Pink-Tongued Skinks inhabiting warmer regions than their Blue-Tongued cousins.  Pink-Tongued Skinks can grow up to 40cm, with Blue-Tongued Skinks growing to around 45cm.

A 3 - 4ft enclosure is recommended for adult Pink-Tongued and Blue-Tongued Skinks - for adults the bigger the enclosure, the better!


About GeckoesSmooth Knob-tailed gecko

Smooth Knob-Tailed Geckoes and Thick-Tailed Geckoes are two species you can usually find at Pet City.

Max Size: 10cm

Life Span: 10 years

View the care sheet for geckoes here (PDF)


Geckos are a relatively low maintenance pet. Thick-Tailed or Barking Geckos are aptly named – they do make noise at night.  Neither species requires heating or lighting, so long as they are kept in a relatively warm, light part of the house.