Quick Facts

Size: Variable

Life Span: 12-16 years


Labradoodles are fun-loving companion dogs that shed little to no hair and make fantastic family dogs. They are energetic and intelligent, perfect for families with an active lifestyle. While they love big runs at the park or beach, they enjoy spending quality quiet-time with their owners curled up on the couch watching a movie!


Originally, the Labradoodle was bred in Australia when the need for a hypoallergenic assistance dog was raised. With the extremely trainable nature of the Labrador, and the non-shedding hair of the poodle, breeders created the first Labradoodle. While the Labradoodle is not recognized as a pure breed, breeders have created high standards for the ‘breed’ through multi-generation breeding. Originating from 1955, breeders have had many years and several generations to perfect the Labradoodle into what it is today.

Due to the Labrador in their blood, they are extremely easy to train when consistency and positive reinforcement is used correctly. This also means they are very food-orientated; often owners find their Labradoodle’s can gain weight quickly. A portion-controlled diet with regular exercise will keep a Labradoodle trim.


As both the Labrador and Poodle are high-energy breeds, expect most Labradoodles to require at least one-two hours of moderate exercise every day. As a very social breed, they thrive when socialised regularly. These dogs love trips to dog beaches and parks when socialised correctly from a young age.


These dogs have wavy, non-shedding hair that is in a constant state of growth. While easy to brush when maintained properly, if the coat is neglected the hair will become matted very quickly. Daily brushing is ideal, on top of regular trims to ensure the hair does not grow too long. Labradoodles will benefit from coconut and fish oil in their diet to promote a healthy coat.


Labradoodles thrive in a family environment, and make perfect pets for kids, especially those are known to always be happy and enthusiastic about meeting new people and seeing new places. Easily trainable, they make great companion and support animals. They thrive in a family environment with energetic children to play with, and cherish every moment spent with their family.