Goldfish and Coldwater

Goldfish make very engaging, beautiful aquariums for your home or office. They are hardy making them fantastic for beginners, but the variety and types of this species allow even experienced enthusiasts to enjoy them. 

Our goldfish are hand selected and chosen for their features and structures.  We buy graded Asian varities as well as your standard varities to suit all goldfish hobbyists. Some of our goldfish are brought in to Australia especially for Pet City and you will not find these fish in any other shop in the country. 

Axolotls are also suitable for coldwater aquariums, growing up to 30cm they too require a medium-large tank set up. To learn more about these critters click here for the Care Sheet (PDF).


About the Goldfish

The goldfish, or Carassius Auratus, were originally caught in the early 1600's and were dull in colour. They were selectively bred over many years to provide the range of colours and types available today. They vary not just in colour, but body shape, tail size, eye shapes and more!

To view our Goldfish Care Sheet please click here (PDF).

Size: up to 30cm

Life Span: up to 20 years

Tank size: 20-25L per goldfish

Types: click to view what we regularly sell (PDF)

Goldfish pom pom hand selected blackmoor back moor bubble eye butterfly maple leaf tails panda celestial cheereleaders comet shubunkins dragon eye fantail oranda jikin lionhead lion head ranchu pearlscale crown golf ball golfball pompom ryuki red white Siamese dolls telescopes tosakin wakin zebra redeye pearl scale 

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Aquarium Water Testing Aquarium Water Refills Custom Aquariums Marine SMS Service