Freshwater Aquarium

Freshwater aquariums are by far the most popular type of aquarium in Australia. Our range of species is one of the largest in South-East Queensland and we offer oustanding service to match. The Aquarium Team here are specialised in fish so expect the most knowledgeable and friendly fish experts around!

We guarantee our freshwater fish are the absolute healthiest as we quarantine by location and wholesaler. Our systems are maintained at the optimum pH and salinity for vibrant colours and appetite. 

Our tropical fish are sourced only from the best wholesalers (and some very quality local breeders). We specialise in Apistogramma, Dwarf Cichlids, Killifish and harder to find Tetra, Rasbora and Barbs.  We search Australia Wide for the rare fish that you're looking for.  We have a fantastic Apistogramma assortment, we have the Diplotaenia, Steindachneri, Elizabethae, Wild Caught and German Bred.  We have a huge variety of rare tetra just for the specialist! To view our Tropical Fish care sheet please click here (PDF).


Aquarium Services

Aquarium Water Testing Aquarium Water Refills Custom Aquariums Marine SMS Service
Aquarium Water Testing Aquarium Water Refills Custom Aquariums Marine SMS Service



Our discus are either from A-Grade local breeders or Certified Stendker strains We meticulously maintain our tanks at a pH and chemistry not only optimal for the discus but also easily recreated in a home aquarium. We feed high quality frozen and prepared foods - 4 times daily. Our discus are not colour-fed, they are naturally that vibrant! We specialise in larger discus so that our customers are aware of exactly the quality they are paying for.



We pride ourselves at Pet City for having a wide variety of African fish, along with some of the best advice available for them!  We are specialists in the Tanganyikan biotope and are happy to bring you Wild Caught and German Bred rarities such as Tricoti. To view our African Care Sheet please click here (PDF).

Siamese Fighting Fish


At Pet City we specialise in the rarer Betta and quality veiled Siamese Fighters. We always have at least 70 or more in stock in many different varieties! For the basics on caring for a Siamese Fighting Fish please take a look at our Care Sheet here (PDF). 




We have the unique L-Numbers and C-Numbers that you are looking for.  Swimming in our tanks right now are catfish ranging from the rare corydoras (Barbatus, Green Lazers, Black Venez. just to name a few) to the rare Pleco (L600, L046, and L128 just to name a few) along your Pimelodus and Synodontis. Please call us for availabilities! We haven't forgotten about your favourite bread and butters!