FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! If you seek further advice please contact us.



What are your opening hours?

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9:00am - 5:30pm

THURSDAY: 9:00am - 7:00pm

SATURDAY: 9:00am - 5:00pm

SUNDAY: 9:30am - 5:00pm

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: 11:00am - 4:00pm


Are you currently hiring?

Please visit our Employment page for more information.


How old do you have to be to buy a pet?

Minors must be accompanied by an adult to buy a live animal from a pet store. 


What pet can I have in an apartment?

Pocket-sized pets like hermit crabs, mice or Siamese Fighting Fish are all low-maintanance pets that take up little space and don't make much noise. Guinea pigs, reptiles and birds can take up a few meters of space in your apartment but can make very life-enriching pets.

If you absolutely must have a dog or cat, first consider the size of the space you have, access to dog-friendly parks and of course your landlord. Some small, low energy dogs and cats can thrive in an apartment ensuring you make the space you have available very enriching. You will have to spare no expense to ensure your pet is comfortable and socialised every day. Dogs will require longer excercise sessions every single day outside the apartment, while cats will need several poles, hammocks and toys to enrich their indoor-only lives. 


How much is this particular product?

Most of our products are available online which can be found here with the same prices in store  - please note that online products incur shipping costs and in store products may have special promotions.



Do you have any puppies?

On occasion we do receive litters of small breed puppies – to see if any are currently available click here. Alternatively call us to receive the most recent information.


Do you run a Puppy Preschool?

As every single puppy requires socialisation in a safe, controlled environment then it's no surprise we do. Run by experienced canine behavioural trainer Ziggy, she will teach you how to train your dog using positive reinforcment techniques. Your puppy will graduate 80-100% trained and have one of the best starts in life you could provide your new dog. For all the ins and outs of this program please click here.


Do you have any kittens?

We often have kittens available to adopt! While we usually have Ragdolls we sometimes sell other breeds too. To see if we have any currently available click hereAlternatively call us to receive the most recent information.


Which vetlines (flea, heartworm and worming treatments) do you have?

From Seresto to Profender we sell a large range of safe, affordable parasite protections for your cat or dog. To view our range and prices click here for cat and here for dog.


Do you have any crates and play pens?

Yes! We have a large range of crates and play pens available for your puppy. Our wire crates range from 24" to 50"; we also have canvas crates available. These products are too large to ship and therefore are not on our online shop - however to receive information about prices please contact us.


Do you sell scratching posts for cats?

Yes, we sell both premium carpet scratching posts and sisal ones too. Click here to see the range.


Which brands of dog food do you sell?

We have a large range of grain-free, natural, super premium (etc.) dog food available. Please click here to see our brands!


Which brands of cat food do you have?

Coming soon


Do you have a groomer or dog wash?

Yes and yes. Hairy Barkers currently operates under our roof and takes bookings over the phone. Our DIY dog wash is right by our front door which means you don't have to bring your (already reluctant) pooch into our busy store. Equipped with shampoo, conditioner, flea treatment and blow drier your dog will be clean in no-time!


SMALL PETS (Guinea Pigs, Rats and Mice)

Do you have any guinea pigs?

We regularly have guinea pigs ready for adoption in our store. For more information about ages, genders and colours please contact us. We also sometimes have Rescue Guinea Pigs available for adoption from Sharna's Cavy Sanctuary - to see if we have any rescue pigs click here.


Can you trim by guinea pig's nails?

Assuming your pet's nail are not overgrown, we will happily give them a quick trim for you. For more information and to see what we charge please contact us.


What is the correct diet for a Guinea Pig?

75% grassy hay, 20% Vitamin C infused pellet and 5% fresh produce daily. Guinea Pigs - as herbivores - they will graze on hay all day and consume roughly 1/8 cup of pellet. These pellets must contain a stabilised amount of Vitamin C - if not you will need to give your pig supplements every day. Their hay cannot be legume based as it is too high in calcium and protein and can negatively affect digestion and teeth growth. Therefore Timothy Hay, Orchard Grass or Oat Hay are all fantastic, low-calcium, low-protein hays that will ensure healthy digestion. For more information please click here.


Do you have any mice or rats?

We almost always have pet mice available for sale. Rats however are a little harder to find so we rarely have them available. For further information please give us a call.


Are your small animals healthy?

Being a PIAA accredited pet store means we have much higher standards of animal husbandry than most. Before we receive live animals however we individually check over each one to ensure they are in perfect health. To ensure they remain healthy we feed the very best quality food and spare no expense in fresh fruit and vegetables every day. We also offer a health guarantee to all our rats, mice and guinea pigs that go to perfect homes.*
*If the new owner does not wish to continue feeding a high-quality diet the health guarantee will be void. 


Do you sell fish or coral?

Yes, we are one of the largest aquariums in South-East Queensland. We have a massive range of freshwater and marine life available for sale. 


Do you do tank maintenance?

Although we don't offer this service ourselves, we do have a fantastic contact for you to try! Jonathan LeRiche offers a range of aquarium services including moving, cleaning and aquascaping. Click here to see his contact details.


Do you sell aquarium water?

Yes. We sell both Reverse Osmosis and Marine water perfectly optimised for your aquariums. For more information please click here.


What is wrong with my fish?

It is difficult to know why your fish may be sick or ill over an email or phone discussion. We advise taking a photo of your aquarium or tank set up as well as a water sample and bringing it in store and speaking with our Aquarium team. We can better determine the problem and offer the best solution to help fix the issue.


What aquariums do you sell?

We have a rather large range of aquarium set-ups, you will be sure to find something that perfectly matches your home and budget. Please click here to see our range.




What kind of birds do you have?

We sell both aviary and companion birds! To see what we have available please click here or contact us.


Can you trim my bird's wings and nails? If so how and when?

Yes, our friendly team would be happy to help you with this tedious task. We will take your loved one to our secure Bird Room and professionally trim them with you present. You do not need to make an appointment, simply drop in! To see what we charge click here.


What cages do you have?

We sell a variety of bird patios and travel cages too. To see our larger bird cages please click here. Our smaller cages are not online yet but we would be happy to give you some more information if you give us a call


What brands of pellets do you have?

Coming soon



What reptiles do you have?

We have turtles, lizards, skinks, snakes, spiders and insects - click here to see what we have available. These critters all have different requirements to please come in to see us or contact us. We would be happy to help you find the perfect unusual pet to suit you and your lifestyle.


Do you sell Vivariums and Terrariums?

We certainly do! Click here to see our awesome range.