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Almost every staff member at Pet City has a canine companion. No wonder we are so knowledgable about dogs and puppies! Caring for your dog has never been so easy with the help of the Small Animal Department staff! We love it when you bring in your pet to visit us in-store, we will give your pet lots of love and always provide a free treat or two to make the experience a good one. We pride ourselves on our outstanding advice on everything canine!


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DIY Dog Wash Puppy Lifestyle Program ID Tag Engraving
Dog Grooming DIY Dog Wash Puppy Lifestyle Program ID Tag Engraving


Wanting to Adopt A Puppy?

Puppies are fun, adorable, exciting and a lot of work! 

At Pet City we understand adopting a pet is an exciting time, however many owners jump into the adoption process with minimal research. Dog ownership requires a lot of resource and time; here are a couple of downloads that will aid you through the puppy process!


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Haven't found what you're after? Please send us an email or call us and our specialised staff will answer any of your questions.