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Is your poodle looking plump, or your beagle a bit beefy?

Join Pet City's FREE weight-loss program for your pooch!

What this program involves:

  • A FREE weight tracker for fortnightly weigh-ins!
  • A $20 Discount on Hill's dog food!
  • A FREE doggie goody bag
  • The chance to be the 'Biggest Doggie Downsizer' who will receive a FREE bag of Hill's dog food!
  • The opportunity to chat with one of the best Veterinarians in the business about your dog's weight during the program - Dr Ed Layt, author of Doctor of Sorts. Dr Ed will be instore on July 15th to advise your pooches ideal weight.
  • This round will run through to our next Event day on the 7th October when the Biggest Downsizer will be announced.

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​Round 1

How to Join:

Bring your dog into Pet City for your first weigh-in, on or before July 15th to be part of this round.



What you

need to do:

Bring your pooch in for regular weigh-ins to track your pet's progress.

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This FREE program aims to help your best friend lose the weight that they may be struggling to shed.  Obesity is not just a people problem, dogs can struggle with weight problems too.  And just like people, if weight problems go unchecked they can lead to other health issues.  With the right guidance and advice on the right food you dog will be shedding the excess pounds in no time.

If your dog reaches its goal weight by the end of the program, stuck to the recommended nutrition suggestion and has attended at least 5 of their weigh ins, you'll receive a $20 voucher for Hills Dog Food.  The Biggest Doggie Downsizer in each round will receive their next bag of Hills Dog Food FREE!!  Please come and see our Dog Nutrition Advisors Jennie and Dana for your dogs mutritional program.

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