We carry a huge range of products to care for your cat or kitten to keep them happy and healthy, and to ensure they thrive.

We stock a massive selection of toys, bedding, collars, litter, scratching poles, grooming products, and everything in-between. We have a wide variety of premium foods and tasty treats, and a vast collection of scratching poles so you can pick one to match your home interior. Our highly trained and experienced dog and cat consultants will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect products for your furry friend!





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Wanting to adopt a kitten

Kittens are funny, cute and require more than just cuddles.

At Pet City we understand adopting a pet is an exciting time, however many owners jump into the adoption process with minimal research. Cat ownership requires expense of both time and money - it isn't all play and cuteness! Here are some resources to help you with adoption.


Services for you and your pet

ID Tag Engraving  
ID Tag Engraving