Travelling Safe

On: 12 April 2019 

Dogs love coming with us on our family adventures, especially camping, beach trips and stays with family. It's important that we don't forget about our pets safety and needs amongst the excitement of going away. Ensure your pooch is prepared for the trip, no matter how short. Below are a couple of lists containing some basic stuff you'll need, including products for anxiety, travel and overnight stays.


Travel Must-Haves


Anxiety Aids

Some dogs experience travel anxiety, which is more common in small or nervous dogs.  


Going Away Essentials

Expecting to be gone for a few days, or maybe you're camping away from town? Ensure you tick off the essentials list before you go.

La Doggie Vita Blanket 'Boney Maloney' Small

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Car Seat Protector Hammock

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Doog 3-in1 Water Bowl

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Doggy Poop Bag Bio-degradable 50s Pet One

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Car Safety Belt Attachment 13cm Black

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Car Seat Protector Cargo Liner Cross

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Ezy Dog Chest Plate Harness Black

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Travel Mat Blanket Alpaca

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