New Innovative Product! LickiMats for Dogs & Cats

On: 26 June 2020 

LickiMats - the innovative pet product that professionals are raving about. Discover the right LickiMat for your cat or dog here.

Why are LickiMats such a great option for your Dog or Cat?   

In a nutshell, they're a Boredom Buster, a Slow Feeder and an Anxiety Reliever! 


What's a Licki Mat? 

LickiMats are made from human grade rubber (TPR) and are non-toxic.  LickiMats contain no silicone or toxic substances that could poison your loved ones.  They are microwave proof and freezer friendly.   LickiMats are an experiential product.   

LickiMats are designed to be: 



  • An enriching treat experience. 
  • An enriching feeding experience.


Soothing and Anxiety-reducing

  • Boredom busting and anxiety 
  • Calming experience
  • Helpful for thunderstorms and fireworks
  • Keeping pets busy for extended periods of time 



  • Making a small volume of healthy treats last a long time 
  • Less calories, more fun
  • Creating more saliva - better protecting teeth and gums, freshening breath 


Distraction aid for grooming and vet inspections

  • Making it easier and more relaxing for everyone at bath time 
  • Making it easier and more relaxing for everyone for grooming and nail clipping 
  • Making it easier and more relaxing for everyone during pet inspections and injections 



  • Working as a treat dispenser 
  • Working as a feeder 
  • Working as a meal preparation surface
  • Working as a training aid 
  • Working as a medication or supplement delivery platform 
  • Available in different models to suit different treats and foods 
  • Different models to suit liquid foods and combinations without a mess 


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