Perfect Digestion



The microbiome is an invisible network of bacteria and other microorganisms that need to be fed. Just like in humans, this network of microorganisms affects your pet's digestion, immune health, organ function and more. These organisms should be nourished with the right nutrition.



The right prebiotics can influence overall health. Just like a lawn or a garden, if you want it to flourish, you must ensure you nourish plants so they thrive within that unique environment. Prebiotics are the fertilizer that feeds and nourishes gut bacteria — and may influence the overall health and wellbeing of your pet.

Through extensive research, experts at Hill’s have determined that enhancing the activity of desirable bacteria can result in significant digestive health benefits — without adding in new, non-host specific bacteria.


Areas the microbiome can help support

Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food


Hills Science Diet Specialty Dry Dog Food

Stool Quality

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Immune Function

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Hill's Science Specialty Diet Dry Cat Food

Overall Organ Function



With more than a decade of research into microbiome health, Hill’s veterinarians and nutritionists formulated specialized nutrition that puts microbiome health at the forefront of digestive care.

Hills have formulated nutrition that's a step ahead with activebiome+ technology. ActivBiome+ Technology is a breakthrough prebiotic blend that revolutionizes how you care for your pet’s digestive health and well-being — now available in several Hill’s products.







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