Back to Work Blues

On: 18 January 2019 

Don’t you just wish the holidays would never end?   We bet your dog wishes for the same thing.   After getting your attention over the silly season, the change in routine will see your dog missing you when you leave for work.  This can cause anxiety and lead to bad habits if left unchecked.  So we’ve come up with some great tips to keep them entertained & happy while your off earning those all important $$$. 



Toy Rotation

Rotating your dog’s toys is a great way to keep your dog interested and surprised each day. Provide a variety of textures and types for maximum enrichment.


Bungee Ropes Kong Dodo Kong sticks

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Treat Balls & Food Toys

A tired dog is a better behaved dog.  Putting their breakfast in a Kong will keep them entertained longer, which means less energy for barking!


Kong Clicks Kong tiltz the foobler dog toy rogz tumbler

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Physical Exercise

Playing with and walking your dog is a great way to get rid of that built up energy, and is vital to mental and physical health.

Make walking more fun with these pawesome tools...

Black dog balance harness Pet Safe Ball Launcher ezy dog snak pack Black dog long training leads




Promote Harmony with These Helpful Tips

·       Feed your pet as you leave so they can see you leaving the house as a positive!  

·       Walk a different route each walk AND allow your dog to stop and sniff – Sniffing is amazing mental stimulation for your dog!  

·       It’s a great idea to walk your dog first thing in the morning as; a). it's cooler and, b). your dog will be more relaxed and tired when you head off to work for the day.