Your First Hatchling Kit

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The Reptile One Your First Hatchling Kit is the perfect versatile, glass starter terrarium for hatchlings or small reptiles.

The hatchling kit includes everything you need to house a hatchling or small reptiles. Each kit contains a hide log, corner dish, nano snake hook, multipurpose tongs and a 5-watt heat mat.

Features & Benefits:

  • Complete kit for your hatchling or small reptile
  • High quality glass body with a secure top opening steel wire mesh lid.
  • Stackable and durable.
  • Raised feet provides gap for ventilation if heat mat is used.
  • Raised plastic feet allows placement of included heat mat underneath the enclosure.
  • Maximum viewing pleasure.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.

 Suitable for: Hatchlings & small reptiles



Product Code:46200

Suitable For: Hatchlings & small reptiles

Dimensions: 30L X 20D X 16H CM

Colours: Black

Material: Glass, Plastic and Metal


SKU 9325136160000
Barcode # 9325136160000
Brand Reptile One
Weight 10.0000kg

Your First Hatchling Kit - Misleading

By: on 12 August 2019
Unfortunately this seems like a great set-up for a beginner. Luckily for me, I had done plenty of research and had help from an experienced snake owner. I also bought this set long before obtaining the hatchling, and therefore had time to test it out. Firstly, as someone else has mentioned in these reviews, the top is far too easy to open. Allowing for escapees (or other pets getting in, if you have them). Secondly, the heat mat doesn't even come close to being sufficient. Fortunately I tested it out and realised that it wasn't sufficient before obtaining my snake. Unfortunately, I know too many people who don't do their research or test the products they've bought. This set is probably leading to many beginners damaging the health of their hatchlings by not even knowing that their heat mat isn't providing sufficient heat for their new babies. Now as much as this is the customer's fault for not doing their research, it is equally Reptile One's fault for providing a product in a "My First Hatchling Kit" that isn't sufficient. It is obviously a product aimed at beginners. Luckily for me, I am aware of what temperature my hatchling will require. I'm obtaining the coldest weather python there is, hatchlings only require about 26 degrees. The heat mat that comes in this kit barely reaches 24 degrees. Living in Queensland, it's not competing with overly cold ambient temperatures. The entire mesh top probably doesn't help with retaining heat either. With such a small enclosure, it probably only needed small air vents, not an entire roof air vent. I haven't been able to find Reptile One's contact details to touch base with them in regards to this. But I fear this kit will mislead too many uneducated new reptile owners into unknowingly damaging their reptile's health. If you can keep something heavy on the roof, and are prepared to buy an extra, larger heat mat, this is still a good set up. The enclosure is a great size for hatchlings, and comes with nice, naturalistic hide and water dish.

Your First Hatchling Kit - Great starter kit

By: on 4 July 2019
The kit has everything needed for a Hatchie. As a starter kit, it covers all requirements (heat, hide, water and security for your new family member. It is large enough to take upgrades as required to cover a couple of months before a larger enclosure is required.

Your First Hatchling Kit - The Ups & Downs

By: on 10 May 2019
Starting off I really liked this set up. Brought two for two hatchling spotted pythons. Upside: great size, easy to clean, comes with everything. Downside: only entry is from the top which my cat managed to pry open
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