Reptile One

Providing you with all of the essentials to care for your lizards, snakes, frogs, scorpions, turtles, and spiders, Reptile One is a leading brand. Reptile One enclosures are very popular among reptiles and their owners, as are Reptile One heat mats and lamps. Vivariums and Reptile One Terrariums are also incredibly popular, and the Reptile One RTF 1200HT Terrarium is known for its ease of use when it comes to setting up, cleaning, and feeding time. Its convenient cable outlet allows electrical items like Reptile One heat lamps to be used inside the terrarium.

How to Install Reptile One Heat Lamp

Designed to produce direct and indirect heat, Reptile One heat lamps and mats are very good at providing little basking sites for your reptilian pet to enjoy. For them to have a good bask and love you forever thereafter, it’s important to know how to install a Reptile One heat lamp

There are a few different types of Reptile One heat lamps and many different setups depending on your pet’s needs. The goal is to prepare the most healthy habitat, which will require specific planning and research. Tools such as thermostats can help you along, as reptiles need to regulate their body temperature between a warm area and a cold area within their home. 

If you’re wondering how to install a Reptile One heat mat, it’s a similar approach. Speak with a member of our team with any questions about setting up an enclosure.

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