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Having Pet Mice

Mice make wonderful low-maintenance pets for children, apartment living and young adults who may not have a lot of spare time.

Quick Facts:

  • Average Life Span: 1 – 2 years
  • Size: 8 – 14 cm
  • Minimum cage size (for 2): 40cm x 40cm x 30cm
  • Diet: Omnivorous - 90% Pellets and 10% Fresh Foods
  • Special requirements: Extra Cleaning, Nesting


Perfect for apartments, the kid's room or even the home office, mice are easy to keep happy and healthy. These little guys are best kept in pairs in a plastic or wire enclosure that has good ventilation, away from direct sunlight or air conditioning. A happy mouse spends half their time foraging, while the other half snoozing! It's important to challenge their little minds with simple puzzles and by changing the cage around weekly, while always offering new toys and foods to try. They love nesting, digging and chewing, so it's great to offer nesting material and other safe things for them to play with.

Cleaning is a consistant thing with mice as they cannot be litter trained. Weekly cleaning is required; where the cage is stripped and cleaned with veterinary disinfectant (like F10) and replaced with clean bedding and toys. 'Spot-cleans' between weekly cleans is good to reduce odour which involves picking out dirty things like the wheel and giving them a quick wash.