Guinea Pig Nutrition

About 60% of owners get their Guinea Pig's diet wrong - so we are here to set the facts straight! 

Vitamin C Pellets

Vitamin C is vital for any guinea pig to remain healthy. As their little bodies cannot properly retain vitamin C they require it every single day as a part of their diet.

Absence of this vitamin can lead to fatal disease scurvy - which is the leading cause of 'random' deaths in guinea pigs. 

You only need to feed your Guinea Pig 1/8 of a cup of Oxbow Guinea Pig pellets to your adult Cavy daily.

​Grassy Hay

Grassy Hay like Timothy Hay makes up a whopping 75% of a Guinea Pig's daily diet. It is vital they have a large amount of quality hay available at all times.

High fibre hay promotes digestive health and has many other benefits, such as helping the teeth remain short. 

Don't get confused with straw or lucerne - these are not 'hay' and are too high in calcium and protein to be given daily. These do not have enough fibre and long term feeding can cause digestive issues.

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are extremely healthy and offer variety to their diet. It provides them with additional vitamins and minerals not found in their hay, therefore it's best to give them lots of variety. The more colours you offer - the healthier they can be!

Fruits should be offered in moderation as they contain lots of natural sugar - consider fruit like ice cream (maybe once or twice week). 

Be warey, some vegetables and fruits are toxic! Always check before giving them something you aren't sure of.