Keeping Centipedes

These multi-legged critters are a fascinating low-maintenance, low-budget pet!

Quick Factscentipede

  • Centipedes are not actually insects, they are 'Myriopods'.   

  • Despite their name, they don't actually have 100 legs, and the amount of legs they have varies depending on their species. Each leg is slightly longer than the one in front of it.  

  • When a leg is cut off by a predator, it will regenerate.   

  • They breathe through spiracles, holes positioned along the body which is similar to a caterpillar. 


Keeping a Pet Centipede 

Centipedes can't climb glass, but be sure to seal their enclosure appropriately to avoid escape. A soil substrate is ideal with a couple of heavy rocks on top and some mulch or leaf litter. Centipedes will not drink water and it is not really required as there should be plenty of moisture available.   

They are not suitable for handling, but fascinating to watch.    



Centipedes are carnivores (meat-eaters) that use venom to kill their prey.    They eat insects, earthworms, spiders, slugs and other small animals.  


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