Interactive Dog Toys

Pretend you are your dog...... your owner goes to work for 8 hours a day, a few days a week, every week...

Pretend you are your dog...... your owner/ best friend/ life partner goes to work for 8 hours a day, a few days a week, every week. 

What would you do if you were home alone? 

  • Chat to the neighbours or everything that goes by the front of the house BARK BARK BARK
  • Renovate the yard to see if you can find some tasty bugs in the soil?  (Insert digging noise) 
  • See if the outdoor furniture tastes better than it looks? (Insert chewing noise)

These are all things I would do if I had that much spare time. 


Trying to keep your dog entertained is a constant battle for each dog owner.  When you go to work or when the weather is not that great to go to the park, your pooch can become bored and possibly destructive. 

To help these situations it's important to use interactive dog toys.  30 minutes of mental stimulation can equate to 1hr of physical exercise however that is not an excuse to not walk your furbaby.  Regular mental stimulation will help overcome boredom, which we know can lead to your favourite pair of sneakers disappearing or your neighbours leaving not so nice love notes in your letterbox.

Consider what they have to keep occupied.

Does your dog have a hundred toys? the same hundred toys that were in the yard yesterday ? the same toys that were in the yard 2months ago? Probably sitting in the exact same spot they were 2 months ago ? 

Rotating your dog’s toys is a great way to keep your dog interested and surprised each and every day as they never know which toy they will get.  It is a great idea to work up to having about 21 toys, it may sound a lot but go outside and count your toys bet you already have at least half that. 

Three toys for every day of the week, that is much more exciting than 100 that have been in the same spot of the yard for the last 2 months.

A tired dog is a better behaved dog.  As simple as leaving them with a Wobbler with their breakfast kibble in or a Kong with some wet/raw food will help keep them entertained and the more you keep them challenged the longer they are kept busy and the less time they spend doing things you don’t want them doing.

So together with daily walks and mental stimulation you will have a dog that is content and in general just happy to chill out as their everyday needs are being met.