Cleaning Up Cat Urine

On: 30 May 2018 

Here are some quick tips about cleaning up cat urine you should know.

Cat wee is probably one of the most unpleasant pet smells. The ammonia odour is just awful on the nose and can prove rather difficult to remove.


Inappropriate Marking

Cats are finicky creatures; sometimes the smallest change in routine can upset them. Anxiety can cause cats to mark or 'spray' around the house. Some of the things below can trigger

  • New person in the house
  • Another cat is lurking around outside
  • Loud noises (new washing machine, power tools, fireworks etc)
  • Change in routine (food, litter etc)
  • Innapropriate handling - the first thing predators do to cats is restrain them. Keep this in mind before picking up your kitty for a hug. We are just trying to be affectionate, but it can make your pet uncomfortable.


A Vet Check is in Order

If your kitty has suddenly changed their litter tray habits, it's important you take your cat for a vet checkup and let them know. Cats are prone to urinary troubles like Idiopathic Cystitis, most common in male cats. This can be fatal and is often reoccurring. Best to rule this out first!


Litter Box Training

Prevention is the best practice. Reducing the risk of accidents is the best way to train a kitten or adult cat to use a litter box. Kittens are still learning the ropes and can sometimes take a little longer to get the hang of things than adults cats. Whatever the age of your kitty, litter box training is best done with a small room. Prevention is the best practice, and secluding your cat to a small space can help retrain them to use the litter box appropriately.


Don't Use Normal Household Cleaners!!

Chemical spray and wipes may temporarily hide and wipe away the mess, but they don't have the ability to break down the odour left behind by the proteins in your pet's urine. Often, the chemicals can damage the flooring and make the smell of the ammonia worse. Plus they aren't all that safe!


Choose an Enzymatic Cleaner

Enzymes are a natural substance that can help bio-chemical reactions to occur. They act by specifically targeting an odour, in this case cat urine. Enzymes attack protein stains and smells, breaking down into harmless dust that can be vacuumed or brushed away. It's biodegradable, environmentally friendly and will not harm pets or kids.


Check out these Enzymatic Cleaners Below: