On: 27 May 2018 

Quick Facts:

  • Scientific name: Poecilia sphenops, Poecilia Latipinna
  • Common name: Black molly, Sailfin molly, Balloon molly
  • Country of Origin: Central America
  • Average Life Span: 3-5 years
  • Size: 5 - 10cm depending on species
  • Minimum tank size: 70 litres for 8 mollies
  • pH: 7.5 - 8.5
  • Temperature: 24-28c 
  • Care Level: Easy, Great for beginners
  • Temperament: Usually peaceful, males can be moderately aggressive to one another or fish who look similar
  • Tank mates: Best kept with their own species. Platys or large Tetras ie: Columbian Tetras may also be suitable tank mates.
  • Special notes: If you're keeping both male and females be prepared for many babies, female molly's can have upto 40 babies in one go.

Mollies are a lively and fun freshwater fish that are great for the beginner and seasoned hobbyist alike. They come in orange, black, white and a multitude of combinations in between! They are excellent eaters and will devour flake, pellet and frozen foods.