Coral Nutrition

On: 4 June 2018 

A couple of key things that keep your corals happy are clean water and plenty of food and amino acids. Unfortunately, keeping your water clean can sometimes strip food sources and amino acids from your water. Because food and amino acids are so essential to your corals growth and overall vitality it is super important to ensure they’re getting everything they need, luckily at the Pet City Aquarium section we have all the things you need to maintain growth and colouration in your corals.

Put very simply, coral food is necessary for growth in your corals; it creates the quantity. Amino acids are vital to ensuring the quality of your coral tissue, helping to create vibrant colours, fuller tissue and increased polyp extension. Feeding can be as involved or as simple as you like, we would recommend a minimum of one dose of food and one dose of amino acids per week depending on your coral load and filtration. Check our recommendations and visit in store or call us on (07) 3349 2086 if you need any further information or suggestions.

Pet City Aquarium’s top picks for coral food and amino acids: