Betta - Siamese Fighting Fish

On: 7 September 2018 

Quick Facts

  • Scientific name: Betta Splendens
  • Common name: Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta
  • Region of Origin: South East Asia
  • Average Life Span: 3-5 years
  • Size: 4-7cm
  • Minimum tank size: Pet City Aquarium recommends 7+ litres
  • pH: 6.5-7.6
  • Temperature: 24-26̊C
  • Care Level: Easy, great for beginners
  • Temperament: Mostly relaxed, VERY aggressive towards fish of the same species and therefore not recommended.
  • Tank mates: Preferably solitary however with the right tank size taken into consideration small tetras such as Ember tetras, Pygmy corydoras, Otocinclus catfish
  • Special notes: While fighters can be kept in a very small amount of water it is necessary to heat their water as they are a tropical fish. Bettas benefit greatly from a well planted or decorated tank and good filtration but low water movement.

You can almost guarantee that anyone who has owned a fish, has probably also owned a Siamese Fighting fish at some stage. These feisty little loners are a great beginner fish as they not only breathe with their gills; they’re also equipped with a labyrinth organ which is comparable to the human lung. It’s this handy little organ that enables bettas to survive in low oxygen environments as they can swim to the surface and grab a great big gulp of air. Siamese Fighting fish are fantastic eaters, Pet City Aquarium section recommends a high protein pellet and freeze dried black worms as a treat. Drop into the Pet City Aquarium section and check out our range of bettas from veil tails to halfmoons, there’ll be just the right one for you!

Things you might need