Going Green

The environment is important. As animal lovers, the team at Pet City actively try to reduce our carbon footprint and recycle what we can. As of July 1st 2018, a statewide (QLD) ban on the use of plastic bags means that we will now be offering reuseable, woven bags for purchase in-store. Plastic bags are a thing of the past and we are glad, as over 80% of sea creatures are somehow affected by debris.


We do a lot of recycling

You'll probably notice that your online order will arrive in a box that we have reused. There's no need for us to purchase boxes - that's a huge waste. Instead, we recycle incoming boxes.

Pet City also recycles 90% of cardboard, glass and paper waste that would otherwise be put into landfill.


We rarely use disposable litter

Pet City Bag

If you have visited our store, you'll see our small animals (like our guinea pigs) nesting on vet bedding. This is a dry fleece which is rewasheable! We try to avoid disposable litter where we can - it's excess waste we can easily avoid.

Check it out here


Healthy Treat Packets

When visiting the pet-isserie in-store, you'll notice we now offer paper bags for you to pop your treats into. Not only is this way better for the environment, but its a much healthier alternative for your pet too.


Specialty Woven Pet City Bags

Our bags are designed to be loved, used, day after day so you can save on money and help protect the environment from plastic bags.

Grab yours here!


Our couriers are carbon neutral

We use a shipping service called Sendle, which is a completely carbon neutral way for your parcels to get delivered to your door!