Drought Angels Appeal

On: 19 June 2018 

Donate $2 to help Australian Farmers who need it!

Help us help our Aussie Farmers!

Donate $2 today!


Where do Donations go? Drought Angels Appeal

100% of donations go towards Drought Angels.


Who are the Drought Angels?

They are a not-for-profit organisation who provide food, services, visa cards and other useful material for rural Australian farmers. Drought Angels is run purely by volunteers who have a passion for helping those in need.

You can visit their website here


How Can I Help?

We encourage you to make a minimum donation of $2 whenever you shop with us.

You can make a donation instore at the checkout or online now, Search for 'Drought Angels" and add it to your cart!


Our last Drought Angels appeal raised over $2000 for our farmers (see photo). This is an amazing example of the Aussie spirit and how we band together to help those in need.