URS Reptile Supplies

If you think reptiles rule, you’ll want to create the most realistic natural habitat for your little reptilian pal. For URS reptile supplies, you’re in the right spot. We have all the housing and enclosure options, including URS reptile vivariums, URS reptile heat lights, and ornaments to add character to your reptile’s home.

Much like a chameleon, URS is a reptile supply brand that truly stands out. So whether it’s a reptile enclosure, heat lights, heat pads, or a URS reptile tank you’re after, you’ll find it below. URS reptiles are happy reptiles!

URS Reptile Tank

For your reptile, we have a few tanks that make brilliant homes. Our Reptile One Plastic Enclosure is perfect for keeping spiders, scorpions, lizards, and baby snakes. It’s stackable and allows full visibility of what’s going on inside. The dual-secure feed makes feeding time easy, even for the stealthiest escape artists. Another great option is the glass URS reptile enclosure, which allows the placement of a heat mat.

URS Reptile Heat Light

Recreate reptilian heaven with URS reptile heat lights that simulate sunshine. To allow your reptile to absorb the heat it needs, choose between a sun-like infrared heat lamp, a UVA daylight basking bulb, or a night globe to simulate the moon’s ambient light. The URS black ceramic heat emitter lets your pet warm up without being under lights, and the red heat globe gives warmth under a red glow.