Prime 100

Powered by nature, made with love.

Prime 100 is an Australian owned & manufactured pet food company. With a reputation for quality, they design targeted diets for our best fur-ends in collaboration with Australia’s leading Veterinary specialists and nutritionists.

SPD Rollsprime 100 spd rolls

Prime100 Single Protein Diet ™ rolls (SPD rolls) offer a single source of protein which can assist with food sensitivities and other indications in your pets.  Only a select few quality ingredients are combined to ensure a healthy, balanced and low allergen diet. spd air dried prime 100 dog food


Prime100 SPD Air are scientifically formulated air-dried foods, consisting of only one meat protein – Kangaroo, Duck, Chicken or Lamb. Minimal processing means that vitamins and minerals are retained for a nutrient-rich, clean & convenient alternative to a raw diet.

SPT Treats

Real meat treats also use a single source of protein so pet parents can include them as part of their functional single protein diets. prime 100 treats