All Australian Lorikeets eat Pollen & Nectar. People are saying Attraction Pollen and Nectar is by far the best lorikeet mix they have ever come across and with recommendations from professional breeders it makes sense to go with a tried & proven delicious product that Attraction has shown to be for more than 14 years. Whether your are a professional breeder, serious aviculturalist or a devout bird keeper, when your birds are on Attraction they will love you for it. Attraction has gained an international reputation as a product of highest qualitywhere zoos & RSPCA’s from as far away as Canada, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea have looked for our product. Attraction has been featured in respected magazines such as Australian Birdkeeper and regularly donates product to organizations such the Australian Parrot Society, RSPCA, Australia Zoo & wildlife carers since the 1990’s. 


The owner of Macroe International is an award winning & qualified Veterinary Nurse (a human nurse also) who has formulated the foods using published & referenced scientific literature. This means all the high quality ingredients found in the Attraction and LoriTREAT formulations are nutritionally sound.