KONG Pet Toys

When it comes to the world's most durable pet toys, you can't go past KONG pet toys. KONG was created (by accident) by a mechanic who found his dog Fritz loved chewing on rubber suspension parts. After refining the rubber to be non-toxic, the KONG brand of rubber pet toys was born. 

The KONG brand is now famous for treat-dispensing dog toys, from classic KONG toys to KONG plush toys. Fill up your KONG dog toy with their favourite KONG dog treat, and they'll spend hours chasing it around, licking and biting until they get their reward. For quicker rewards (or for pups), try the KONG Treat Paste, which is easier for little tongues and teeth to handle.

KONG Dog Toys

KONG dog toys are designed to last and are made from BPA free, non-toxic materials making them perfectly safe for your pup. You can put anything inside your dog's favourite KONG toy. Use your kibble, treats or spreads – the choice is yours. 

From all-day entertaining KONG fillable toys, plush toys (perfect for bedtime snuggles), tug of war or fetch toys for outdoor play, or classic KONG chew toys, you'll find a KONG (or two) your dog will love. 

KONG Pet Products

In a world of equality, KONG hasn't forgotten about your little feline friend, creating a range of KONG cat toys so they can join in the fun. Zoomy cats love the KONG cat laser, curious cats can't get enough of the KONG cat wobbler, and playful kittens love the scrunching of a cat crackle

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