Dymax Aquarium Products

Aquarium hobbyists rejoice! Singapore-based Dymax Aquatic Products produces bespoke, innovative aquarium products in-house. With over 23 years of design and manufacturing experience, Dymax delivers some seriously stunning fish tanks and accessories, as well as crystal glass lily pipes crafted from Quartz glass, an avant-garde lighting series, and just about everything else you could need for your aquarium. The lily pipes are scratch-resistant and suitable for planted aquariums, saltwater reefs, and marine aquariums. The lighting series ranges from the REX LED range to the Spacex, Eclipsex, and Flexz ranges -  each offering something electrifyingly different.

Frequently asked questions about Dymax aquatic products

Is Dymax a good brand?

Dymax aquariums are unique and beautiful, reflecting the passion of their designers. The accessories, plant nutrients, additives, and supplements offered by Dymax are all offered at a reasonable price. We rate Dymax as a good brand, especially for those just starting off. 

Are Dymax REX LED lights good?

Dymax REX LED lights are energy-efficient and suitable for tropical, cichlid, and planted tanks. Equipped with RGBW LEDs that are composed of a combination of multiple LEDs, these lights provide full-spectrum illumination in addition to blue spectral wavelengths to promote coral growth and enhance colours. They also provide optimal illumination of the water itself, giving off a vibrant, crystal-clear view of your aquarium. With many different options to choose from, Dymax REX LED lights are suitable for just about every fish tank.

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