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Our vision is nature.

CADE are passionate about nature and even more passionate about producing high quality Aquarium systems. CADE Aquariums are manufacturers of cutting-edge, luxurious aquarium systems that use state-of-the-art technology. CADE prides itself on the appreciation and preservation of nature to produce high-quality aquariums for aquarists. CADE is based and designed here in Australia by Managing Director, Adam Dalton. 

CADE believe that appreciation leads to preservation.

Aquatic environments form the largest and most diverse ecosystems on our planet supporting millions of species of flora and fauna. Unfortunately very few are free from the effects of human impact.


Taking Orders

We are now taking orders for the Cade Aquarium range. Please contact us if you have any questions and our friendly team will help you out.



Frequently asked questions about our CADE aquariums

How do I set up my Cade aquarium?

Generally speaking, setting up your CADE Aquarium should go something like this:

  1. Carefully remove the aquarium from its box and place it somewhere safe
  2. Place your aquarium in the position you want it
  3. Rinse all your gravel and any ornaments before putting them in the tank
  4. Fill your tank
  5. Turn on your filter
  6. Add treatments
  7. Allow for the tank to cycle
  8. Test your water periodically

Learn more about setting up a tank from scratch in our blog about setting up a freshwater planted tank.

Why should I choose a Cade aquarium?

CADE aquariums are reserved for aquarists that live and breathe nature. These aquariums are not intended for beginners and come with a price tag that is reflective of their quality and seriousness. If you are serious about your dedication and appreciation of aquatic life, then a CADE aquarium is perfect for you.

What’s the difference between a Cade Aquarium and Waterbox?

Waterbox is a manufacturer of luxurious aquariums made by self-proclaimed aquarists. Like CADE, Waterbox believes in sustainability and the preservation of aquaculture and strives to produce the best aquariums on the market. Both brands produce stylish tanks for a considerable price. 


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