Bioscape is an Australian aquatic brand concentrating on quality aquarium accessories with an emphasis on aquascaping.

Aquascaping can also be described as underwater gardening, so when designing and creating the aquarium of your dreams, look no further – Bioscape is here to help. Products such as the Bioscope CO2 reactor with solenoid, bioscope insectivore and bioscope led lights can help bring the best nutrition and features to your aquarium. 

Bioscape CO2 Generator

CO2 is required for the respiration and growth of all aquatic plants, and a Bioscape CO2 generator is the best way to make sure the plants in your aquarium receive a constant supply of CO2 during light hours. The Bioscape CO2 generator produces CO2 when the two low-cost compounds, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, are added to water in a controlled manner.

Bioscape Insectivore

Here at Pet City, we have a complete range of Bioscape insectivore foods available for all your fishy friend’s needs. Some of the most popular options include bottom tablets, goldfish pellets and tropical carnival. 
Bioscape foods are sustainably sourced and feature a range of insect proteins found in the diets of wild fish including Black Soldier, Fly Larvae and Mealworms. Multivitamins have also been added to each formula to maintain good health and vibrance in your fish.