Active Pet Products

Active Pet Products are a wholesale pet supplies & pet treats business who pride themselves on the highest quality, innovative, pet products.‚Äč

We provide a large range of Pet Treats for a variety of different pets. We have a dog treat bakery where we create and decorate cookies and other delights for your pooch.

Smoked Lamb Bone (each)

REG $4.50

VIP $4.05

Smoked Pork Bone (each)

REG $4.95

VIP $4.90

Woofstaches (each)

REG $1.95

VIP $1.75

Carob Bone (each)

REG $1.80

VIP $1.62

Party Cake Carob

REG $15.95

VIP $14.35

Party Cake Yogurt

REG $15.95

VIP $14.35

Sold Out
Easter Cheeky Rabbit Treat (Each)
Sold Out
Vegetable Ears Treat (each)

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