Cat Toy Essentials

Cats are natural hunters that spend the majority of their waking hours hunting and grooming. In a domestic environment, our little carnivores can easily become spoilt and lazy, and this can cause boredom and weight-gain.

For kittens, creating positive and regular play sessions will help prevent biting, scratching and waking you up in the middle of the night.

Below are 5 essential toys that will enrich your cats life, prevent obesity and help save your furniture:


1. Teaser Toys

Cat Teaser toys examples

Teasers are a great way for you to get personally involved in play time. These toys are a MUST for households with children, as they will prevent the desire to use hands and feat as play-things for the cat. 

Teaser toys can be used at any time of day, and are almost irristable to your cat! Use these to your advantage; like tiring your cat out before bed time, or to distract them from something scarey (like a thunderstorm).

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2. Food Dispensers

These toys are purrfect for filling with your kitty's favourite treats, or to slow-feed them their lunch! This is a great way to enrich your cat's natural instinct to hunt - but in a safe manor! Watch your chase and bat around a treat-ball for a feed.

Food toys are ideal for fat cats, lazy cats, or kittens that need an extra feed while you aren't home.

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3. Tunnels

When cats chase their prey, they will sit in a hiding spot for hours waiting for the perfect meal to scurry by. Cats love hiding in small spaces, it's a natural instinct and is extremely rewarding for them.

Hiding places like tunnels can also offer as a play-thing when 2am zoomies occur!

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4. Chasers

Tiny springs, balls, crinkly toys and fluffy mice are the most popular toys for cats. You might notice your cat fully chasing a toy around one tiny toy for hours, then later carrying it around like a prize. Kittens and cats are extremely rewarded by their 'kills' which you might notice when they drop a toy mouse at your feat.

These toys often find there way under the couch and are 'lost forever', so grab them in bulk to future-proof your cat's play time.

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5. Cat Trees

Or called Scratching Posts; cats are agile creatures and you might find their climbing habits a little annoying. Providing your cat with a high place to veg-out can help prevent all sorts of climbing-related incidents! Cat trees are generally made of prime-scratching material which will keep your cats nails healthy, and save your new leather couch.

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No matter what kind of cat you have, Pet City have got you covered with 100+ toys and scratchers to choose from.