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It can sometimes be overwhelming when adopting a new puppy, and knowing what's best is another whole ball-game. Masterpet and Pet City have put together a list of essential items that you'll need during puppy-hood; including good quality food, toys, toilet training equipment, treats and grooming equipment.

If you need any advice about what you'll need for your new dog, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly dog-experts can guide you through this daunting process!

BlackHawk Puppy Lamb & Rice 3kg

REG $32.95

VIP $29.95

Rope Tug with Tyre Small

REG $10.35

VIP $9.85

No More Marking Spray 750ml YD

REG $24.15

VIP $22.65

Droolly Dog 'Fill Me' Small

REG $20.65

VIP $19.15

Cuddlies Muff Pups Small

REG $21.25

VIP $19.75

Treat Dog Chicken Sticks 120gm

REG $7.55

VIP $6.80

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Yours Droolly Rubber Rope Bone

REG $15.50

VIP $13.95

Plush Cuddlies Monster Medium

REG $17.95

VIP $16.15

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Plush Cuddlies Pink Pig Toy Small

REG $14.95

VIP $13.45

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Dental Toy Fresh Breath Rope Large