Keep Cool - Top tips for safety and fun in the sun!

By: Pet City   On: 15 October 2019 


Yep, it's time to stock up on sun screen, retrieve the beach towels from the back of the cupboard and book the dog in for a no. 10 haircut. Summer is on the horizon and boy are we glad to see it!

Below are some important tips to keeping your dog safe (and happy!) during a day out at the beach or park.


Water Safety

Safety should always be the number one priority. Dogs don't have the best judgement around water so it's always worth considering their strength and fatigue before letting them swim. Many dogs who get tired will keep playing - this is where it's our job as pet pawrents to notice these things early.

  • Take breaks regularly
  • Offer lots of fresh water (especially at the ocean)
  • Understand your dog's body language and learn how to see when they are tired
  • Don't let them spend too long in direct sunlight

When boating, or around deep water it's always important to have a life jacket on hand.

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Cool Down at Home!

When it's hot it's always good to have a doggy swimming pool on hand to help quickly cool down a hot dog!   Loads of fun, and also handy for bath time, doggy swimming pools can offer an easy source of fun & cooling off for your pooch.    BUT, as with any water play, always monitor your dogs time in the pool and empty the contents when not being used.    

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Another way to keep your pet cool is by using 'Cooling Mats'.   These use a non-toxic gel that absorbs body heat and dissipates it back into the air through evaporation from the areas of the pad that are not in use.  The pets body temperature is reduced slowly by the pressure of it laying on the mat and this works better than the animal laying directly on a cold surface.  

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Dogs Get Sun Burn Too!

Dogs are no strangers to the danger of sunburn. Noses, bellies and paws all have a thin covering of hair and should be covered with sunscreen before going out in the sun.

Dogs most likely to get sunburnt are:

  • Fair in colour (cream, white, apricot)
  • Short coated dogs
  • Bully breeds (Staffies, Bulldogs, Bull Terriers)
  • Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors
  • Hairless or 'Powder Puff' Breeds

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Day-Out Must Haves

If you have a trip planned for the beach, boat or lake be sure to pack some essentials for your dog.