It's Summer!! Go Out & Play In The Great Outdoors

On: 15 January 2020 

Summertime is the best time of year to go out and play! The days are long and the weather is great! We've come up with some pawesome tips to have the most fun while hitting the parks and beaches with your dog!



Take Play to the Max

Life is too short NOT to play. For our dogs, play-time is both mentally and physically stimulation, and promotes feelings of satisfaction and joy. Entertaining your pooch reduces the likelihood of boredom occuring, and can help with issues such as excessive barking, destructive behaviour and more.

We recommend at least an hour of interactive play with your dog per day, on average. This obviously is dependant on your dog's breed and specific energy levels. If you have a working dog like a border collie, kelpie or beagle, expect more time invested in wearing them out.

Make play different. Don't just throw your dog a ball every day. While some dogs are estatic with this idea, it's not very mentally engaging for your dog to perform the same game repeatedly. Instead, try to involve training in play with an Agility Kit, get the Nerf Ball Launcher to get the kids excited, or go to a new park with the Ergo Ball Thrower.


 Ergo Ball Launcher Agility Kit Outwood Hound Pet Safe Automatic Ball Launcher

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Choose the Right Apparel

From hiking to beach-going, camping or a trip to the dog park, its important that you are equipped properly to handle your dog. Ensuring you have the right length lead and a suitable harness will make controlling your excited pooch a lot easier.

If you have a puller, try the Balance Harness to act as an aid to correct a tight lead and make it easier to walk your pooch. A halti can also be used for particularly unruly or excited dogs.

If you enjoy getting away to the outdoors where you'll be camping, hiking or boating, you'll want a snug harness with a handle and reflective lining for visibility and safety. If you do go out on the water - remember to pack your floatation devices for your dog and yourself.

An appropriate length lead is vital for safety. If your pooch is in training or you need extra control, go for a lead less than 1m in length. For casual walking a lead up to 1.6m is appropriate. If you are going to be recall training or going to a large open space where you are required to tether your pet, try a long lead.


Ezy Dog Zero Shock Lead  Ezy Dog Zero Shock Lead

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Travel Right

It's absolutly vital to keep your pet secure during travel. There are plenty of options for big and little dogs alike, so finding the best one that suits you and your pet is easy.

If you have a nervous dog, or if they experience car sickness, a crate might be the best option. Using a cover over their crate can help reduce visual over-stimulation and keep their tummy settled and help them feel calm. There are also a variety of travel aids that can promote feelings of security for nervous dogs.

For confident travellers, a car-suitable harness like the Ezy Dog Chest Place or Convert Harness can be used with an special attachment to keep them tethered to the car.

There is also the option of using a car seat protector or hammock to keep your dog's hair off the seats.

Car Seat Hammocks & Protectors Car Safety Attachments  

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Giving encouragement to your dog when he is behaving appropriately is vital to promote good behaviour and to create a good experience. Some dogs feel fear and anxiety when going to a new area, and rewarding your pet with his or her favourite treats is the best way to give a little nudge of encouragement. Providing tasty treats can make your dog co-relate that time with a positive experience.


Doog Walkie Bag Dog Treats  

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Other Necessities

Don't forget about your dog's bodily functions too... They'll need a water bowl, poo baggies, sunscreen and other things you might bring for yourself.

Doog 3-in-1 Water Bottle Poo Bags  

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