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8 December 2018 


224 Wishart Road, Mt Gravatt 4122

Pet City Parrot School

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Next Class: TBA - 2019


Parrot School is an exciting learning experience for bird owners! Our feathered friends are complex creatures, and there is so much to discover about their habits that are essential to understanding them. This class has been professionally developed, to help you better understand your feathered companion. Discover simple things you can do at home to improve your bird's health and happiness, as well as learn how to effectively teach your bird tricks and discourage bad behaviours


Some things covered in the class:

  • Biting and aggression
  • Obsessive behaviours (like over-grooming)
  • Excessive yelling
  • Breeding Season Hormonal Aggression
  • How to clicker train your bird
  • Teaching to go back into their cage when asked
  • Cool tricks like spin, step-up, talk or even dance!
  • And More!


You will leave the class with a goodies bag and a fresh understanding of your feathered friend.

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224 Wishart Road, Mt Gravatt

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loved it!

By: on 8 January 2018
[facebook review] Today I went to bec's parrot training class and absolutely loved it! It was full of exactly all the information I needed to start the right training with my birds. I'd never been to pet city before and found that they had an amazing range of pet toys (bird especially) ended coming home with a few things I probably didn't need. All in all amazing experience! Can't wait to go there again � also great prices!

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