Country Heritage Chicken Feeds

We know organics!

Country Heritage Feeds has been involved in the organic industry since 1998, and during this time has worked closely with countless producers who supply the many organic products you enjoy in the supermarkets today. Our range of certified organic feeds can be found all over Australia and help in the production of organic eggs, chicken, beef, milk, lamb, goat, pork and fish.

Animal feed is what we do, and because it is our primary focus, our devotion has enabled us to develop healthier, certified organic rations while excelling in nutrition.


So why would you feed an animal organic?

You may wonder why there is such a thing as certified organic stock feed. Well the answer to that is quite simple, if you or your family enjoy organic meat, chicken, eggs, milk or any other organic product derived from an animal, than that animal needs to be fed a diet that is organic. Makes sense right?