Pet Health - Looking After Your Pet's Teeth

By: Pet City  

Did you know gum disease affects up to 80% of dogs and 70% of cats by the age of three?

Your pet's mouth is the start of a long digestive system.  If something goes wrong at the start, it can cause complications throughout the rest of the body, affecting their overall health including their immune system, circulation, and even their heart and kidneys.  

Prevention is the best practice.  There are many things that you can do to help your pet avoid dental disease.  Check out our top tips for a healthy mouth below.



Choose the right food


There are a number of dog & cat food brands that have formulated food to assist with dental care.  The kibble shape and size is designed to aid in cleaning the tooth surface and help fight bacteria-laden plaque.  


Hills Science Diet Oral Care for Dogs and Cats help clean your pets teeth by removing plaque and tartar build-up with every bite,  whilst promoting overall health through complete & balanced nutrition.   

Royal Canin Oral Care for Cats has a double action formula for optimal oral hygiene: providing a tooth brushing effect which helps reduce plaque formation whilst active components in the diet trap the calcium in saliva, and help prevent it from being deposited on the teeth in the form of tartar.  


In addition to a good dog food, raw, meaty bones can be another great way to help remove tartar and build up on your pets teeth while providing your pooch with mental stimulation.  Check out our Carnivo Range for bones available for purchase locally.  



Treat your pet


Certain treats can be very helpful in removing some of the plaque build-up on your pets teeth.  


Greenies for Cats and Dogs are clinically proven to be effective in slowing plaque and tartar build up through the texture of the treat.   Their chewy texture allows the teeth to sink in for maximum tooth contact causing a 'scrubbing' of the tooth surface much like the action of brushing your teeth.  


brush & clean


In addition to food and chews, you can take your pets oral care one step further by brushing, or using gels, sprays or water additives.  There are a number of options on the market to help with breaking down and dissolving existing plaque and tartar and fostering a healthy gum line.  


Tropiclean Fresh Breath has a range of oral health gels, water additives and spray products made with effective ingredients for a healthy mouth and fresh breath.  



check those chompers

By checking your dog's mouth regularly, you can catch problems in the early stages.  Be on the watch for these symptoms: 

  • Reddening or whitening of gums (pink is healthy) 

  • Yellowing/ Discolouration of teeth 

  • Stinky Breath

Also be sure to keep an eye on your pets eating habits.  If you notice they're eating slower than usual, or not playing with their usual chew toy, look for further signs of oral health issues and contact your vet.  

By doing the above an keeping up with regular vet exams, your pet is on their way to maintaining a healthy mouth!